Other Work by Adam Reid

2 min

This is a book trailer for Seth Grahame-Smith’s killer follow up to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. An epic book about our greatest president deserves an epic trailer. This was a Bodega Production for the publisher Hachette. (Nominated for a 2010 Moby Book trailer Award!) So many supremely talented people worked their asses off to capture this action spectacular in one 12 hour shoot day. The video immediately went viral and the book has since topped the New York Times Bestseller List.

This trailer was featured in The Huffington PostThe Hollywood Reporter, and countless blogs.

1 min 22 sec

I made this for Nell as a gift the night before our wedding. It now plays around the clock on JDate.com where it inspires jewey singles everywhere.

1 min

Made this “save the date”  invitation with my dear friends Kelly and Val.  Basically me and a camera and two of the best subjects in the whole world getting down and dirty for a few hours. Cake fetishists take note. No bald men were harmed in the making of this film.

*Factoid: Yours truly also served as the minister for their wedding. Rock. And. Roll.

2 min 32 sec

This short film shot on vacation in St. John (VI) became an early inspiration for Hello Lonesome. Shout out to The Zombies for this tune I love so much. It also might be worth noting that I served as the director, editor, cameraman, and star here. (Warning: Rated BN for Brief Nudity)

Humiliating Fact: Being star and cameraperson is much easier than it looks, it just takes patience. For She’s Not There I’d set up the shot, hit the record button, get in the frame and do whatever goofy thing I could dream up, then just repeat the process again and again until I had everything crossed off my shot list. Then, I used final cut pro to piece it all together. If you’re not shy, I highly recommend trying it.